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Great stitchy gifts for you and your friends! 

Fern Ridge - Luv Ya!-Fern Ridge - Luv Ya , phone plug, phone bling,
$17.50 $15.75Out of Stock
Fern Ridge Collections - Alice's Purse-Fern Ridge Collections - Alices Purse, beading, cross stitch, scissor fob, gifts,
$37.00 $34.00Out of Stock
Fern Ridge Collections - Deserted Isle-Fern Ridge Collections - Deserted Isle, phone plug, phone bling, beading, desert,
$17.50 $15.75Out of Stock
Fern Ridge Collections - Spring Flowers-Fern Ridge Collections - Spring Flowers, phone plug, phone bling
$17.50 $15.75Out of Stock
Ink Circles - 99-Ink Circles - 99 - Cross Stitch Pattern, beer, bar, draft, drinking,
$16.00 $14.08
Stitch Dots - Ol' Red Needle Nanny-Stitch Dots - Ol Red Needle Nanny, pin cushion, tomato, cross stitch, pins,
$12.00 $10.56Out of Stock
Stitch-A-Gift - Wine a Bit - Bottle Bag-Stitch-A-Gift, Wine a Bit, lizzie kate, gift bag, Bottle Bag
$23.00 $20.24Out of Stock
Sudberry House - Shaker Box - Large Box-Sudberry House, Shaker Box, Large Box, Shepherds Bush,  Shepherds Fold,  Part 1 A Full Heart,
$135.00 $129.00Out of Stock