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Amy Bruecken Designs - Cup of Happy-Amy Bruecken Designs - Cup of Happy, snowman, hot cocoa, winter, marshmallow, cross stitch
$8.00 $7.04Out of Stock
Barbara Ana Designs - Be Hippie-Barbara Ana Designs,Be Hippie, cool, flower power, love, peace, flowers, 60s, psychedelic, - Cross Stitch Pattern
$11.98 $10.54Out of Stock
Barbara Ana Designs - Spooky ABC-Barbara Ana Designs. Spooky ABC, black cat, Halloween, pumpkin, sampler, crow, spider, candy corn,halloween costume, trick or treat, children, - Cross Stitch Chart
$11.98 $10.54Out of Stock
Barbara Ana Designs - Spooky Tree-Barbara Ana Designs, Spooky Tree, pumpkin, skull and cross bones, crow, candle, halloween, trick or treat, spider, candy corn, white flowers, Cross Stitch Pattern
$25.10 $10.54-$23.66
Bent Creek - Betty Boo - Cross Stitch Kit-Bent Creek, Betty Boo, Halloween, bat, pumpkin, lamb, Halloween costumes, Trick or treat,  Cross Stitch Kit
$20.00 $19.00Out of Stock
Bent Creek - Little House Haunted-Bent Creek - Little House Haunted, Halloween, ghost, haunted house, spooky, trick or treat, cross stitch
$25.90 $6.60-$25.00
Bent Creek - Quaker Ghost-Bent Creek, Quaker Ghost, halloween, ghost, quaker, Cross Stitch Pattern
$18.15 $8.80-$16.95
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